Robot builder designed for construction sites

  • The map allows the robot to know its location at all times and move around a construction site unaided.
  • I think that in the next five to ten years we are going to see mobile robots on the construction site, but they’re not going to replace humans.
  • Kohler says a robot builder would have multiple benefits, not least in terms of reducing the planning time required before building begins.
  • The robot is an industrial arm on a mobile base and is designed to be self-contained, without the need for external localization systems.
  • He told Reuters that construction sites are fascinating to roboticists.


NT government paid $56m by Coalition ‘to dig a hole and fill it in’ at hospital site

  • Construction of Palmerston hospital, a project in the satellite city south of Darwin with $110m of federal funding, was supposed to have begun in 2014.
  • NT health minister John Elferink and federal MP Natasha Griggs were in attendance.
  • On Friday media were invited to attend the first pouring of concrete for a stairwell at the site to mark a construction milestone.
  • The stunt accusation is the latest in a series of controversies to have dogged the hospital.
  • A spokesman for Griggs said the senator was involved in securing federal funding, but did not wish to comment on how the site was managed.


Bosch Security Systems Providing Building Information Modeling Files to Facilitate Construction

  • Fairport, N.Y. — Bosch Security Systems has started providing Building Information Modeling (BIM) files for parts of its product range.
  • Bosch Security Systems is supporting BIM and will provide architects, building designers, engineers and contractors with free BIM files, starting with Bosch IP video cameras.
  • If BIM is used, Bosch Security Systems says the number of video cameras needed is automatically adjusted to the modified floor plan.
  • Modifications in the floor plan can change the number of video cameras necessary for monitoring a building.
  • With BIM, all building data are digitized and networked.


Party with the Eameses! Inside the modernist masters’ riotous home

  • As Charles Eames used to tell his staff: “Take your pleasure seriously.”
  • The Eameses playful mischief is still evident in their home studio, the smaller pavilion that stands across a small courtyard from the house.
  • New employees of the Eames Office would be set the daunting challenge of rearranging the keys to make a new tune.
  • As the British brutalist architect Peter Smithson, an Eames-admiring contemporary, put it: “They made it respectable to like pretty things”.
  • A replica features in the exhibition, providing an appropriately anarchic plinkety-plonk soundtrack to the riot of ideas.


Volvo launching plug-in hybrid and fully electric cars, sees it as ‘mainstream’

  • Volvo says it is going to introduce plug-in hybrid cars across its entire model range and build a fully electric vehicle that will go on sale by 2019. “We are confident that in two years’ time, 10% of Volvo’s global sales will be electrified cars”, CEO Hakan Samuelsson declared.The Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) that underpins the 2016 Volvo XC90 is created to support electrification, and Volvo says that the upcoming S90 large luxury sedan and next-generation 60 series (S60 and XC60) offerings will all offer plug-in hybrid variants.David Muller is the automotive and business reporter for MLive Media Group in Detroit.Speculation aside, Volvo provided this nifty video showing the scalability of the new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), and suggests that not only will it be the basis of a crossover, but also future compact vehicle models.Volvo anticipates that by 2020 no one will be dying behind the wheel of a Volvo – an aim that will be made much easier to achieve with the sort of technology different Volvo models will be able to share on their common platforms.
  • Essentially, having two platforms will allow the company to streamline its production and create a more systematic way to manufacture its new models.
  • The new platform’s ability to spawn multiple models is said to have the potential to increase economies of scale and streamline the company’s manufacturing process.Volvo is known for impressive cars that come in big packages.
  • Part of that will obviously be the styling – We’re expecting it to feature a more dynamic profile than the old S80, with the sculpted headlights, bold upright grille and horizontal “Thor’s Hammer” LEDs that mark out Volvo’s most recent design language.The simultaneous development of SPA and CMA has formed the cornerstone of Volvo’s product renewal and growth strategy, which involves the replacement of every single auto in its line-up in the next four years and an annual sales volume of up 800,000 cars.The company is looking now to get its smart cars into public hands, so it can continue its research and discover just how people will use the vehicles.“With around 40 years of experience in the field of electrification, Volvo Cars has learned a lot about battery management along the way, delivering the best range per kilowatt hour in the industry”.


Private firms question California high-speed rail funding

  • So the California High-Speed Rail Authority asked firms to suggest how to reduce costs, speed up construction and attract outside money.
  • Officials with the rail authority called the receipt of 36 responses a sign that the private sector is very interested.
  • The rail authority released the documents to The Associated Press under a Public Records Act request.
  • SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Businesses that might bid to build a high-speed rail network across California are questioning whether there will be enough government funding to complete the complex and ambitious project.
  • In response it received 36 submissions from firms including global construction and engineering giants AECOM, Siemens and Parsons.


Apple-ARM Deal Bonkers

  • ARM’s great value to Apple, and to the world, is that it proliferates a microprocessor architecture around the globe which means that Apple’s products can work with everyone else’s products and everyone else’s products can work with everybody else’s products.
  • If Apple bought ARM everyone else would stop using ARM because no one wants to see a repeat of the Intel situation in which one company owned a dominant architecture.
  • If ARM were threatened by takeover Apple might take a blocking stake, but ARM has become too valuable as a trusted supplier of a global architecture ever to be owned by a systems house or a semiconductor company which might set out to eliminate or compete with ARM’s licensees.
  • The ARM model suits the world and the world won’t see it broken.


Civils contractor faces £400,000 illegal worker fine Ι Construction Enquirer

  • The raid, carried out with the cooperation of the main contractor on the job, found the illegal workers were all employed by civils subcontractor Sword Construction.
  • Twenty illegal workers have been arrested after being found working at a construction site on the Capenhurst power station in Cheshire.
  • Tough new measures to tackle illegal workers and punish firms employing them are being introduced in the Immigration Bill currently progressing through Parliament.
  • Immigration officials swooped after a tip-off and found 20 Indian men aged between 30 and 50 working on the job without visas.
  • If proof is not provided, this is a potential total of up to £400,000.


Green light for 1m sq ft Lancashire industrial park Ι Construction Enquirer

  • Plans for a 1m sq ft light industrial park at Whitebirk in Lancashire have been approved by Hyndburn Borough Council.
  • Property investor Praxis Holdings secured planning permission for a large mixed-use scheme incorporating industrial and distribution units, plus around 35,000 sq ft of hotel, food and leisure space.
  • The 85-acre site, to be known as Frontier Park, is next to Junction 6 of the M65.
  • The initial phase of construction is set to begin in 2016 with the first building occupied by the end of 2017.
  • Preparatory works are scheduled to start on site in December and expected to last nine months.


Commercial HVAC content from Contracting Business

  • Using the model, contractors can determine the proper sequence of installation, as well as which trades will clash during installation.

    • 5D: Estimating.

  • In comparison to traditional coordination, BIM projects result in shorter construction schedules.
  • This is particularly important for BIM coordination time.
  • Build BIM into your Business

    Haven’t a clue what the elements above mean or how to put them into action?

  • While many think of BIM as software, in reality BIM is more about workflows and social practices.