Forest land not defined but MCG builds Jharsa dam wall

  • Gurgaon: Despite repeated complaints from local residents, illegal encroachment on forest land on both sides of the 150-year-old Jharsa dam to build a wall continues unabated.
  • During the tenure of the previous MCG commissioner, the MCG had started the beautification of Jharsa dam in Sector 15 (I) in coordination with the forest department.The project included removal of encroachment, plantation and construction of a five-foot-high wall on both sides of the dam.
  • MCG commissioner T L Satyaprakash said he has ordered an immediate end to construction failing which action would be taken.
  • “If there is any illegal construction, it will be removed and no government land in the area would be left unattended for encroachment,” he said..
  • The MCG has ordered an immediate halt to construction of the wall and wait for forest land to be demarcated.Locals say the construction of the wall is going on at the behest of some influential people who want to use the forest land as parking space and kitchen garden, leaving a big chunk of land vulnerable to encroachment.One resident alleged that constructing a wall on both sides of the Jharsa dam without proper demarcation would mean validating the encroachment.