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  • The cover of David Bowie’s Blackstar album, released just days before his death, was designed to reflect the musician’s mortality, according to his graphic design collaborator Jonathan Barnbrook.
  • This week on Dezeen: the designer behind David Bowie’s Blackstar album artwork revealed its true meaning in an exclusive interview and we looked ahead to the era of the “megatall” skyscraper.
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  • Rotterdam-based architecture firm OMA also released images of its renovation plan for Berlin’s KaDeWe department store.
  • Rotterdam is fast becoming a centre for innovation, according to architects we interviewed this week.


Jennifer Lawrence Says Final ‘Hunger Games’ Will Be ‘Your Favorite One

  • Is the new and final part of “The Hunger Games” movie worth your time?
  • Part 2 may be the last we will be viewing within the super-business of Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Apart from behind-the-scene antics, the three “The Hunger Games” stars also revealed who among them would be the most likely to break character during filming.
  • Thousands of shrieking teenage fans have greeted superstar Jennifer Lawrence as the final movie of The Hunger Games blockbuster franchise premiered in Berlin, whose monumental architecture served as the backdrop for much of the dystopian fantasy.
  • The actress also confirmed this week that she will star in a movie she’s writing with comedian Amy Schumer.

    “I just don’t understand how someone can do that to another human being”, Hemsworth told Men’s Health United Kingdom magazine (via Daily Mail).


Lift-off! My 90-second ride into the future of virtual reality

  • For all the hype around 3D virtual and augmented realities, however, the technology still necessitates strapping a device to your head.
  • For anyone who has experienced virtual reality (VR) before, or been in any kind of simulator, the experience is all rather underwhelming, particularly after the warnings of motion sickness and expectations of an immersive bucking bronco ride.
  • Signing a health and safety waiver and confirming that I’m not overly sensitive to noise, I am strapped into a padded vest and virtual reality goggles and invited to straddle the turbine – and ominously told to hold on tightly.
  • Before you know it, you’re floating somewhere above an imaginary landscape and landing back in the room 90 seconds later.
  • Which is something that the spectacular downfall of Google Glass revealed the general public – if not hardcore gamers – are still very reluctant to do.


Can Design Change Society? Symposium and Exhibition in Berlin

  • Can Design Change Society? pop-up exhibition will run from 2 – 20 September in Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.
  • Can Design Change Society? It is, indeed, the big question that has plagued the design profession right from the beginning.
  • The pop-up exhibition will present prototypical projects, both historical and contemporary, that have tried to use design for social change.
  • By what means can we approach design change and the future in a new way today?
  • Starting with the high aspirations of Bauhaus to use rational, humanist design to transform every aspect of life, the spectre of social change continues to haunt design.


Chipperfield references lemon houses with Lake Garda villas

  • David Chipperfield Architects has completed a pair of holiday villas inspired by lemon houses on a hillside overlooking Italy’s largest lake (+ slideshow).
  • According to David Chipperfield Architects, they “echo the rhythm of the surrounding olive groves”.
  • The British architect’s Berlin office paired rugged stone walls with timber and concrete pergolas to recreate the aesthetic of Lake Garda’s famous limonaias – buildings where lemon trees are cultivated behind high walls.
  • The largest of the two structures, known as Villa David Chipperfield, is a two-storey structure with an open-plan living, dining and kitchen space on the ground floor.
  • Once complete, the Villa Eden will comprise seven villas, a hotel and an apartment building.