• Barnsley Magistrates Court heard that the underground electric cable was struck by a metal spade used to excavate a post hole..
  • The workman received an electric shock although the shock did not cause any lasting injury.
  • Berneslai Homes Ltd has been prosecuted after a joiner received an electric shock whilst replacing a wooden garden fence at a domestic property in Barnsley on 26 November 2013.
  • Berneslai Homes Ltd is responsible for managing 18,800 homes on behalf of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.
  • The case follows a subsequent HSE investigation into safety standards during maintenance work of council owned domestic properties.


Architectural firm takes ‘best newcomer’ award

  • Saira Hussain (26) started Hussain Architectural Design in 2011 after graduating from Huddersfield University.
  • In addition to its head office in Standish Street the firm now operates in Blackburn, Huddersfield and Manchester.
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