• This was not a public enquiry into a war, a plane crash or a complicated corporate legal case.
  • This is a tawdry saga that has wasted time and money, and only served to exacerbate the deep, deep pain and loss felt by a family.
  • The impact on families and all those involved in serious incidents is devastating.
  • The construction trades union UCATT has expressed concern that criminal proceedings, arising from the death of an electrician working on a demolition site in August 2007, have taken over 8 years to conclude (November 2015).
  • There is no justifiable reason why a case like this should not be resolved quickly.


Construction adds 6000 jobs in July; unemployment falls to 8-year low

  • The US economy added 215,000 jobs in July, while the unemployment rate remained steady at 5.3%, meeting expectations.
  • Health care added 28,000 jobs in July and has added 436,000 jobs over the year.

  • Some commentators have asserted that the unemployment rate is a misleading measure because the post-crisis decline in the labor force reflects more than demographic factors.
  • Friday’s report means “it will be hard to justify delaying an initial Fed rate hike”, said Scott Anderson, chief economist of Bank of the West in San Francisco.
  • Economists had expected employment to climb by about 223,000 jobs, which would have matched the increase originally reported for the previous month.