Giant timber megaphones amplify sounds of Estonian forest

  • The workshop leaders asked the interior architecture students to come up with concepts of a forest library with Valdur Mikita, an Estonian author who writes about the importance of forests to Estonian culture.
  • The megaphones were then positioned around a small clearing, creating a “bandstand” for the sounds produced within the forest.
  • Created by a group of interior architecture students from the Estonian Academy of Arts, Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones is installed in a densely forested site in the Pähni Nature Centre, near the Latvian border.
  • Birgit Õigus designed the winning proposal, which was then constructed with the help of fellow students and installed on the site in September 2015.
  • This trio of mammoth timber funnels is designed to magnify the natural sounds of a forest in southern Estonia, and to double up as a space for ramblers to contemplate and rest.