Burns’ Down still under construction


    Whether a team has a new manager or one in their third or fourth season, the Dr McKenna Cup will always see a flurry of new faces. Éamonn Burns has given county debuts to a number of Down players in the last few weeks.

  • Last week’s win over St Mary’s in their final Dr McKenna Cup match was their first victory since defeating Laois last April to secure promotion from Division Two.
  • Forwards Gareth Johnson (Tullylish) and Seán Dornan (Castlewellan) got on the scoresheet during the McKenna Cup, while Ballyholland’s Joe Murphy added some physical presence to the attacking department.
  • When we speak, he’s working in Bangor; he could be anywhere around the country, any day of the week he admits.
  • It’s the sort of life Cavan manager Terry Hyland said recently is becoming less and less conducive to an inter-county career. But with the construction industry picking up, so too are the opportunities for the 25-year-old Down forward.


Tributes to Gerry Bradley, the Portstewart man killed in Perth construction

  • Construction workers working on the job yesterday will receive counselling after seeing their two workmates killd.
  • While Declan Kelly is the manager of the Portstewart Arms, where Mr Bradley worked before moving down under.
  • The site in East Perth has now been closed and is under the control of the Coroner.
  • Joe McDermott and Gerry Bradley, crushed to death in a workplace accident.
  • Such a happy and joyful young man who brought a smile to everyones face on meeting him.