Riba investigates architect’s allegations of institutional racism

  • To my great pride my citation for my OBE was as chair of the Society of Black Architects.
  • The Royal Institute of British Architects has launched an investigation into allegations of institutional racism made by a leading architect and member of its national council.
  • Riba said it had appointed a QC and expert in the field to conduct an independent investigation into the claims.
  • Duncan, the Riba president, said in a statement that Owusu had written expressing her “dissatisfaction” and had alleged “that the election process may have been tainted by institutional racism”.
  • Racist and sexist discrimination runs through architecture “like a stick of rock”, and it starts at the top with Riba, Elsie Owusu has claimed.


Does architecture need to be original?

  • Lawrence argued that the “non-verisimilitude” of rooms paradoxically preserved the intention of the original architecture at the level of aura.
  • How can authorship work to expose hidden value judgments or latent potential in a so-called “original”?
  • The commercial and social value of “new” and “novel” and even “original” are, arguably, products of modernity.
  • What constitutes authorship when architecture almost always involves the evolution of existing typologies?
  • What does it mean to preserve or destabilise “original” authorial intent?


Jennifer Lawrence Says Final ‘Hunger Games’ Will Be ‘Your Favorite One

  • Is the new and final part of “The Hunger Games” movie worth your time?
  • Part 2 may be the last we will be viewing within the super-business of Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Apart from behind-the-scene antics, the three “The Hunger Games” stars also revealed who among them would be the most likely to break character during filming.
  • Thousands of shrieking teenage fans have greeted superstar Jennifer Lawrence as the final movie of The Hunger Games blockbuster franchise premiered in Berlin, whose monumental architecture served as the backdrop for much of the dystopian fantasy.
  • The actress also confirmed this week that she will star in a movie she’s writing with comedian Amy Schumer.

    “I just don’t understand how someone can do that to another human being”, Hemsworth told Men’s Health United Kingdom magazine (via Daily Mail).