Super Lamp by Martine Bedin

  • Pomo summer: Memphis Group designer Martine Bedin’s Super Lamp can be trailed along like a dog on a leash, demonstrating the collective’s playful style.
  • “We were always discussing the possibilities of new furniture, furniture that could move,” said Bedin. “I was designing everything on wheels at this time.
  • The Super Lamp was one of a variety of lighting designs that Bedin created for Memphis.
  • The Super Lamp is still produced and sold through the Memphis Milano gallery, and has remained one of Memphis’ most recognisable pieces.
  • Sottsass and his wife Barbara Radice also visited Bedin in Paris, and spotted the design for the Super Lamp while flicking through her sketch book.


Beauty for the many not just the few

  • Geographically, satisfaction with the beauty of the local area was almost 30 percentage points higher in the South West than in the Midlands.

    “Why has planning and development policy failed us so markedly?”

    The situation appears to be accepted due to a pessimistic notion that beauty is unaffordable.

  • Beauty for the many not just the few

    Any councillor that starts talking about beauty at a planning meeting can expect to encounter much disapproval and sucking of teeth from planning officers who consider themselves to be on an ideological mission to defeat the concept.

  • But architecture represents a divide:

    “Our poll for instance finds both social and geographic splits in access to beauty.

  • Among respondents with household income between £15,000 and £20,000, satisfaction with the beauty of the local area was over 13 percentage points lower than among respondents of household income over £100,000.
  • But a research paper from Respublica reflects on the class divide regarding beauty.