Industrial Construction in the UAE to 2019: Market Forecast – openPR

  • The construction sector can be broadly classified into five categories: Commercial, Industrial, Infrastructure, Institutional and Residential.
  • The reasons for this growth can be attributed to various macroeconomic factors conducive to the construction sector.Key Macroeconomic Trends Driving Growth in UAE Industrial Construction SectorUAE is one of the most diversified economies in the Gulf region.
  • Looking at the Middle East, UAE can be seen as one of the fastest growing economy, with its construction industry ranked third among the construction industries of the Middle East countries.
  • The construction industry is third largest economic activity after oil and trade, in the UAE, including approximately 6000 companies with most of the construction activities taking place in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
  • The industry’s output value in real terms is forecast to rise at a CAGR of 6.52% in the next five years period; up from 3.55% during the period 2010-2014.The promising future of the construction industry can be seen by observing its past trend.


Beauty for the many not just the few

  • Geographically, satisfaction with the beauty of the local area was almost 30 percentage points higher in the South West than in the Midlands.

    “Why has planning and development policy failed us so markedly?”

    The situation appears to be accepted due to a pessimistic notion that beauty is unaffordable.

  • Beauty for the many not just the few

    Any councillor that starts talking about beauty at a planning meeting can expect to encounter much disapproval and sucking of teeth from planning officers who consider themselves to be on an ideological mission to defeat the concept.

  • But architecture represents a divide:

    “Our poll for instance finds both social and geographic splits in access to beauty.

  • Among respondents with household income between £15,000 and £20,000, satisfaction with the beauty of the local area was over 13 percentage points lower than among respondents of household income over £100,000.
  • But a research paper from Respublica reflects on the class divide regarding beauty.